Tips to overcome workplace misunderstandings

A little misunderstanding or misinterpretations can damage long term bonding and internal trust in organizations. Such complexities at workplace can impact on team spirit and productive outcomes. One of the workplace problem that leaders face is effectively communicating and coordinating with employees. It could happen because of backgrounds, experiences, expectations and perceptions. Employees can interpret messages from leaders and managers differently where the context could be changed, leading to confusion and conflict.

In our communications sessions like “Language at different Hierarchy” or intervention programmes like “Blame game Vs. Accountability” we listen to leaders and employees concerns on how employees and managers can take off the blind spots and have clearer conversations with each other. We are aware that as individuals we often jump into snap judgments based on own perceptions, assumption and in some cases high or undefined expectations, change in what is been said, creating serious misunderstandings that can lead to lower the sense of confidence to work as team and in understanding the usefulness and purpose of gaming in the project. Because of the future difficulty in accomplishing day-to-day tasks to achieve the larger organizational mission.

Opinions begin to form really fast in our heads: “Why so arrogant?” “Why’s he so uptight?” “That guy can’t string two coherent words together.” And then we say, maybe there was a misunderstanding between them. There is no more important issue in business, or in life, than having no growth, all lost and waste of time matters, because it is the reason that underlies all others. And the good news is, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to fix it.

Of course, it may not be practically feasible to neutralize the instinct to quickly judge, and in some cases misinterpret, the intent and meaning of conversations, there are steps that can be taken to refine and upgrade these interactions.


So, here are 2 simple tips to resolve and restart:


When any difference arises, action should be taken quickly to resolve it openly. TRUST is built based on honesty. The root of issues, communication gaps and behavior interpretations – All of this should be addressed with all parties as soon as possible. And all the parties must maintain honesty and transparency throughout the discussions. While clearing the air if you find things are not presented correctly, then ask questions. Many times people fear being misunderstood, dismissed or labeled. If that is happening, it’s critical to confront that fear as well, get it out in the open and then clarify matters by giving assurance and by addressing the insecurities.

Even though you may not necessarily change the entire episode of what has already happened, it is important to listen and understand the perspectives and concerns of other person. Like HR manager Ms.Tehrani of a manufacturing company said in behavioral training programmes, getting to the source of a problem involves honest conversations and a little detective interventions. And in some cases, you in fact may want to change the course based on their feedback.


Be aware of how you position yourself and others. You may be the boss or head, but how you deal with associates determined your colleagues relationships that will ensure high spirit environment, motivated workforce and satisfied work culture. Remember, nobody would like be put down. Everyone is engaged in an organization to contribute their expertise. It is the matter of competencies and expertise to build revenues and organization to make its place in the market. So, that should be the focal point to concentrate on. Remember, great minds discuss ideas. And confident people would always make others look taller than what they are.

Difference in viewpoints, general behaviors, level of self-esteem and work styles practices or lack of work styles, can cause a lot of arguments and misunderstandings among colleagues. If highly engaging, demanding or otherwise self-rules, blaming personalities are the root cause of team’s problems, work on being more aware of the differences in how you analyse individuals and engage them with each other in various work situations. It could be about, how a meeting was held, how a strategy was discussed or how stakeholders were engaged, realizing that other people can interpret the same event in different ways based on what they focused on, is important to remember in order to resolve conflicts when they arise. Understanding individuals preferences and communication styles would also help get others view points easily.


Act Mature – switching off or turning off completely displays weakness and isn’t solution. So, stop stonewalling. Also know that sometimes the best of friendship are formed from serious misunderstandings. After long years you look back and laugh out on silly misunderstandings.
At least you try – Realize that making an Effort to fix/ rebuild is worthwhile than breaking off completely.
Recognize your own faults, culpability and be sensible and responsible – be aware of individual preferences.
Both the parties must press restart button to start afresh – one sided effort is useless.

Each one of us perceives and experiences the world differently using our own, values, individual choices and work cultures. We interpret what we hear or see in our own way and sometimes wearing color glasses and we give it meaning, and draw conclusions based on our understanding and experiences. Recognizing that differences exist makes it easier to begin having discussions that help resolve workplace differences.

When you start fresh, change the dynamics – be more open and unified.

Dr Vahini Reddy is a Mentor on Leadership and on Organization Rebuilding Strategies. She is also Founder and Director of Evolve Excellence Pvt. Ltd & Chairperson to VR Oneness Foundation


Clutter is chaos. Takes away your FOCUS from your Priority tasks. And if you have physical clutter, then you likely have mental clutter as well. Such clutter and chaos cost you MORE than you may imagine. Clutter lower your standards, drains your energy, prevents you from being your best, and causes stress.

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What we can Achieve to learn:

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– Organize yourself, your work, and your time efficiently;
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Dr. Vahini Reddy is a respected authority and one of the best trainers on personal effectiveness. She has mentored many corporate executives, managers, and professionals over the last fifteen years of Her career. Now, through her business, Evolve Excellence HR Services Pvt. Ltd is helping industries and various sectors like IT, Banking & Educational to declutter their space, their work, and their lives. As a result, clients have more balance, a more focused approach to work and play, guilt-free time for themselves, and live their best life every day. Dr. Vahini also speaks to associations and business audiences on “Planning” and “Organizing” to eradicate deep rooted stress from the inside out and make a permanent psychological shift.

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LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT TRAINING by New Age Mentor, Mr. Mandeep Singh of Evolve Excellence™

Achieve Your Operative Capacity and Employee Productivity by Evolve Excellence™ Training Programmes

A foremost benefits of Organizational Development and Leadership programmes is innovation, which leads to product and service enhancement. Creativity and Innovation is achieved through employee development, which focuses on rewarding successes and improving motivation, boosts self-esteem and self-worth. In such environments, employee engagement is high leading to increased creativity and innovation. Organizational development also increases product innovation by using competitive analysis, market research and customer/ client expectations and specifications.



At the Leadership Training Programs we focus on developing leaders who can create innovative, dynamic and efficient teams: providing nurturing and caring with EQ & IQ support, scheduling productive off-sites, facilitating interaction between team members, and reminding the team of its mutual goals.









Absence of Leaderships in Organizational development trainings affects the bottom line in many different ways. Through Leadership Development trainings and Organizational Development trainings there is raise in innovation and productivity in companies we worked with, and HR says, there is also increase in efficiency and profits.

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“Problem Solving Techniques by Ms. Prachi Antre, certified Sr. Trainer of “Get Balanced to Stay Balanced™” course

TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT – Benefits and Outcomes

For consistent benefits and high efficiency of employees for increased productivity, the effective way to these outcomes is through committed Organizational Development.
Organizational Development is one of the services of Evolve Excellence™ to support our clients to bring planned, systemic change in the beliefs, attitudes, competencies, commitment and values of employees for individual and company growth. The purpose of employee training and Organizational Development to enable an organization to better respond and adapt to industry/market changes and technological advances.
Evolve Excellence™ strives to bring in new techniques that empowers and enhances employee capabilities while conducting Behavioral and Organizational Development Training Programmes in various Industries. For better results companies must keep training as ongoing activity.




Problem Solving Techniques

Problem Solving Techniques



The Organizational Development Training Programmes are process that creates a continuous phases of advancement whereby strategies are planned, implemented, evaluated, improved and monitored. Organizational development is a proactive approach that embraces change (internal and external) and leverages it for renewal.
One of the key advantages to Organizational Development Training Programmes is increased communication, feedback and interaction within the organization. The goal of improving communication is to align all employees to shared company goals, vision and values. Here employee development is key factor. Opportunities for growth and development help employees expand their knowledge, skills and abilities, and apply the competencies they have gained to new situations. The opportunity to gain new skills and experiences can increase employee motivation and job satisfaction and help workers more effectively manage job stress. This can translate into positive gains for the organization by enhancing organizational effectiveness and improving work quality, as well as by helping the organization attract and retain top-quality employees.

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Techniques to Protect Your Energy and Combat Negative Energy – Part 2

Combat Negative Energy – How to Release Negative Energy

As mentioned above that our body emits energy based on the feeling. If you are combating against negativity or energy suckers for long time, then you must understand that you are in wrong place. The environment you live must be healthy and enjoyable NOT something that you combat or repress yourself that after a period of time it accumulates unexplainable fear, unresolved guilt, anger and frustration in you. They change our thinking patter and bodily behaviours. You must understand that our negative feeling manifest discomfort which therefore shows up as some dis-ease in our body. And any discomfort in energy flow results as dis-ease in neurological/ spinal areas. Our vertebral column and spinal code are generators and reservoirs of our life force energy. Our back acts as supporting system. When we allow energy suckers to absorb our energy we are emptying our reservoir by giving away our life force. So, how do we combat such energies? Here are 5 effective methods that expand your awareness and strengthens you to fight such vampires

1. Start by entering sacred space, a state of tranquility, calmness. Meditation is the best way to do that, when you are discharging negative energy, spend at least a few minutes in a meditative state first, to open and deepen your connection to your inner self which is the “Source” of positive energy. Then imagine and see with your inner eyes, that all the negative energy that has collected within you. You might picture it as dark space occupied in your body, or you may sense heaviness or coldness. Imagine you are collecting it by gathering together from all parts of your body and mind. Now moving toward the palms of your hands where it is collected finally. Put your palms on the Earth, or in the Water. Earth and Water all have an inherent gift to take negative energy and transform it into positive energy which in turn is beneficial to us. So, either Earthen it Or Water it. Highly sensitive people will need this every day. If you are surrounded by things that are stressful or negatively charged, use it more often. With practice, you will be able to discharge negative energy very quickly, no matter where you are. A shower is a great place or standing under a tree, in the sunlight or moonlight also works well.


2. Bring an understanding in yourself that this World is filled with different people. Mostly in duality, like good/bad, night/ day, love/hate. Dissimilarity is essential. Once you surrender to the idea of agree to disagreement and understand that we need contact, you also understand that we will encounter situations or people who are going to get us on our nerves, no matter how calmer or kinder we are. Understand that the world is not filled with people that match to our mind sets. And unless and until we start changing our perspective and realize that these people are also serving their role in the world, with some purpose, we will not embrace the differences.

3. When our heart is full of love, courage, wisdom and confidence we are immune to be influenced by others negativity. In fact with our confidence and unbiased wisdom we will help them to solve their problems. And you will sense deeper love for yourself and others in equal manner. We shouldn’t disregard the fact that when we listen and help others we step up into new dimension, we get a satisfaction. We shine like a shining star even in darkest night, we smile with our heart even in midst of pain. That’s the power a compassionate and confident being posses. And this is why we are meant to be on earth, to heal ourselves and help others heal. We are all here playing role of catalyst to each other.


4. Learn to stay Balanced, Learning how to stay centered in a stressful, highly emotionally stimulating world. Emotions such as fear, anger, and frustration are energies, you can potentially “absorb” them from people without realizing it, if you are not an awakened being. If you tend to be an emotional sponge, it’s vital to know how to avoid taking on an individual’s negative emotions or the free-floating kind in crowds. Another twist is that chronic anxiety, depression, or stress can turn you into an compassionate person who tend to compromise yourself for others, then you must understand that you are vulnerable and need to work on your emotional well being. Else, unknowingly you become hyper-attuned to others, especially those with similar pain – we feel more sensitive towards those issues that are unresolved in ourselves. That’s how empathy works.

5. Lastly, From an energetic outlook, negative emotions can originate from several sources and can have many dimensions when they pop up on surface. It can be of someone else’s feeling or it can be your own feeling or it can be both. I’ll explain how to tell the difference and strategically encourage positive emotions so you don’t shoulder negativity that doesn’t belong to you. To know accurately, ask these questions when you introspect yourself. Ask yourself: Is the feeling mine or someone else’s? It could be both. If it is someone else’s, then why am I getting bothered? Is there any similar past feeling/ experience that is getting tapped? If the emotion such as fear or anger is yours, gently confront what’s causing it on your own or with professional help.
Be selective and connect to those who cherish your presence, who support you to become better than what you were and who remind you who you are. This will help you to stop entertain or allow energy suckers to make space in your life and to will keep you focused on cleansing, expanding your awareness, consciousness to create more positive energy.

Write to me at of this page has helped you in bringing awareness. Thank you for reading.

Share Courage, Spread Love,
Evolve Excellence™

Techniques to Protect Your Energy and Combat Negative Energy – Part 1

In Part 1, we will explore on – Protect Your Energy

Our body emits energy based on the feeling. Feelings can be negative or positive and our thought process and feelings are influence by environment – Inner and Outer, both. Do you know that our body and bodily organs go through natural repair process? Positive feelings, optimistic thoughts and vigorous lifestyle creates healthy and youthful body.

Well, talking about protecting your energy – it is like guarding yourself from negative energy while you emit vibrant energies through your aura, into universe. So, how do we do that?! You must know that, it is not a rocket science.

Here are simple steps to Protect your Energy:

1. Guard Yourself – Gaurding means protection against energy suckers, negativity breeders, or people with lower energies, due to blockage in their energy flow. Guarding yourself is a way to ensure that your energy stays vibrant, uncontaminated and heals you naturally. Especially if you are in an environment that causes discomfort – it can be home, office or while you are traveling or in toxic relationship. For instance, if you are hired at a company that has no self-growth, that lacks in cohesiveness, which doesn’t support you to achieve your dreams but all it has is a lot of competition, dirty political gaming, pulling down each other with negativity, then this will affect you. Likewise, if you live with someone who tends to be negative, you will get sucked up with his or her energy unless you have guarded yourself.

2. “Understand and Accept” that your thoughts and emotions are your Responsibility – How you feel about a circumstance, respond to any environment and individual is your own responsibility. We encounter people in our lives till we don’t learn our lessons, until we don’t change our mind set. You are not a victim, in fact nobody has power over you until you give them your power. Introspect on how your thoughts and expectations are showed up in a situation that is bothering you. Analyse where and how you are responding to it. Consciously check with your response and the answers you give, where does they leads you when you travel within. Is it leading you into positive state like patience or negative state like anger or frustration or blissful state like love and compassion? Except we take the time to look, we subconsciously affirm our own victimization to the world around us. We must remember, that the perception we have of ourselves is greater than the perception others have of us. Once you hold yourself answerable and responsible for the way you choose to respond to circumstance or individual. You can do that only when you connect with yourself in a deeper level. When you are connected to yourself on a deeper level, you don’t get knocked off – You either get into Balanced state easily or you may remain in steadfast state.


3. STOP Responding – Energy sucker needs others energy to stay alive. When you respond to negative people, you are making them more powerful by giving them your energy. Whatever you focus on grows and energy leeches will steal your thoughts, your freedom, your peace and it decreases your energy levels. Some people have the habit of trashing their energy onto you and then drive on to the next stop. Remember, it’s usual for them but not for you. Becoming a listening ear can be a wonderful thing but there is an invisible line that does not need to be crossed. So be sure whom you are going to lend your ears. Some “over smart suckers” take away your peace and may come back to preach you. Sometimes, you can be a great support/ contributor for some ones success, increased capacity, anger, repression or frustration. All of these emotions can drain you in various ways, hinders your effectiveness or cause dis-ease in your body and cause you to spend your time and efficiency in ways that are not dynamic. Be selfish towards your own energy. It’s not mean if you reject or avoid to deal with toxic energy.

4. Connect with Your Roots – Go into nature, meditate, relax and breathe. Drink lots of water. Practice purifying the water within yourself, exercise and lift up yourself. Like a river, be generous but flow fast. Breathe, breathe, breathe…help yourself to increases the blood circulation all over the body, walk with confidence, keep your head up and don’t allow anyone to make you feel sub-standard. This attribute will help prevent to absorb energy from those around you. To rise yourself into higher dimensions you must make yourself empowered, keep yourself light and high. For guarding, cleansing, and balancing, you can receive a lot of support and help from trees. I’ve always felt a close connection to trees. I can feel their energy and messages. Once when I walking in botanical garden, I felt pain in my back and neck, so I held myself to the trunk of gigantic tree and I could feel the pain being absorbed by the tree. The tree didn’t hang on to the pain; it transmuted it. Like they take carbon dioxide and it transmuted it into oxygen. Very quickly, my back and neck felt relaxed and light! I know I was healed.

5. Stay Away – from everything that dismantles your very being. When you imagine about your ideal home, you may think about a joyful place filled with love. But, if you think about a haunted house, an image of a deserted house might come to mind. As it is said empty mind is devils workshop, so are empty houses. So, make it a daily practice to light lamps, ring bells, play and listen to music that soothes your soul.

6. Help Yourself – Introduce creative therapies – colors, try creative communication, gardening, music, photography, sitting in silence (not aloof) spa/ massage, have an open talk with close friend who affirms the hope, who picks humor and encourages positivism in you. Where you feel safer and your sensibility and true self is celebrated.


7. Let Go Of The Need To Be Approved – You don’t need external approval. You only need support. Many times along our lives we search for external approval, which is why you start absorbing other people’s energy. And you feel frustrated if you are not getting it. Once you complete understand and trust yourself, you will develop inner confidence in yourself. That is the sign that you are in your control and do not need others attention or approval of you. To stop absorbing other people’s energy, you have to stay true to yourself, allow your authenticity to flourish and blossom without other people’s opinions. Indeed it’s important to know what others have to say, but, at the same time you must become aware of your own self and how you react or respond to other people’s outlooks, perceptions likes and dislikes about you.

Every thought, act and response of us is shaping our physical body, mental and emotional well-being every day. And it is our responsibility to take care and keep our environment as much healthier as possible. And to be very specific, our outer and inner environment (includes of our bad and good experiences), our perceptions and beliefs influence our overall wellbeing – it alters our DNA. Let’s learn on how to Combat Negative Energy, please read our next blog.

To be continued…

Share Courage, Spread Love
Evolve Excellence™

Build the Regal Troops!

If you want to change the world then identify and treasure people who will help you sail in the storm, find people who have composed mind and big heart not fickle minds and sweet hearts. Because life is never smooth, ups and downs are inevitable, it shows you failures before you taste success.


The amount of failure depends on the amount of goal you set, great goal shows huge failure and then massive success.

There are obstacles in the form of situations, people and world is filled with all kinds of people. If you want to be successful you got to be disoriented with the fear and only the composed mind can be calm in adverse situation.


You may introspect and analyse and be cautious but you will not allow yourself to get boggled up. Instead you will keep your head high and walk on the thorny path, walking against the tide.

There are obstacles in the form of situations, people and world is filled with all kinds of people. If you want to be successful you got to be disoriented with the fear and only the composed mind can be calm in adverse situation. You may introspect and analyse and be cautious but you will not allow yourself to get boggled up. Instead you will keep your head high and walk on the thorny path, walking against the drift.


You will not just respect yourself but you will respect everyone who is with you in the journey. You will have a deeper bond with every person who believe in your choice, your decision, and you vision – These are the ones whose actions reflects that, with high tide or low tie I will be your side… against all odds and uncertain obstacles, You Win! You will change the world into a better place than it was before… If you really want to make it evidently fast then, create your own tribe! Build those Regal troop!


Sensible Parenting by Parental Coaching Club

Children disconnects and misbehave with parents when they feel bad about themselves and about the situation they are in. Learning and implementing positive parenting is the key to connect back with the child.


At Parental Coaching Club we bring parents focus from setting limits effectively to prevent parents from yelling and punishment to positive ways of handling children with corrective teaching methods, nurture and nature theory and many effective ways. Children who grow in yelling and punishment environment will not understand smoothness or polite approach even when they are grown up. In fact, it’s the kids who are punished have a harder time regulating their emotions, and who get into more trouble.
New research suggests the traditional model of nature (genetics) and nurture (environment) as primary factors in childhood development should emphasize the importance of parental guidance.



“It’s been said that parents are the ‘architect’ or the ‘conductor’ of a child’s development. For effective and correct way of Parenting, the parents need to know that the time has come, to understand the impact of parental guidance. As a parent they must be equipped with “Parental skills” to become an idol Parent who guide can consider the nature of the child and nurture the child by providing healthy environment. Remember, Parenting is life long responsibility. You may not be taking care of the child literally once they grow up but your guidance and advices continues when and where they require. As a sensible and responsible parent its important to keep up their trust in you by giving proper guidance.

To talk about neglectful parents, they are consumed with their own needs so much that they ignore or neglect the needs of their children. While on the outside, neglectful parents may look like indulgent parents, there are many differences. But to highlight one, neglectful parents don’t allow freedoms or choices. They are very authoritarian in nature. Children of authoritarian parents may become followers and dependent on others to make decisions. They may also develop a sense of low self-esteem and may become aggressive or defiant.


Now a days…many parents seldom interact with their children. Less communication avoids true expression of emotions and feeling. It becomes more closed when the children grow as adolescences. Parents don’t talk on matters of relationships and the changes occurs from childhood to adolescence or try to find out the issues that might be affecting them. Where these are most important issues that needs to be discussed upon to bring awareness. Lack of knowledge can only create confusions.
At Parental Coaching Club our aim is to bring awareness in parents on sensible parenting skills.
Parental Coaching Club conducted an awareness Programme recently and aims to bring the change in the mindsets of parents.
We thank Ms. Prachi and VR Onenss Foundation for organizing this workshop. We would like to take this opportunity to Thank our Donors who trust our vision and unconditionally support us.


To equip yourselves with positive parenting skills, You can contact us at –
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What Slices Your Spirit!!

As part of my Mentoring, Counselling and Healng practice, I have been involved in numerous conversations lately, with women and youngsters who encounter complete situations.

Though there are some commonalities in the reasons why most people under went those situations and had such experiences, there is this one strong reason that sharply slices the spirit of people even who are courageous with good communication skills. And that reason is their Intelligence, Or to say it more precisely – Lack of Awareness.

Photo editor1459084833604

While Courage helps to face the challenge even in fearful situation, intelligence adds spirit. Spirit to stand alone in complexity and uncertainty. Intelligence allow you to fight logically rathen than getting driven by emotions. It throws light to bring clarity in deeper sense by bringing facts. It helps because then you can make an informed decision that will put your heart and mind to rest – making you more knowledgeable. Gives you scope to have options to choose alternatives, and act decisively instead of being submissive or get paniced. Allows you to communicate with confidence. Teaches you what say “NO” to. Strengthen you to make firm decisions where you can stand for yourself with resolute spirit.

And only one way of acquiring intelligence is continuos learning and application of what you have learnt. Because learning may bring information to your system but application gives to a chance to experience it in true sense, which brings you knowledge, make you more intelligent. This gives you problem solving ability, effectiveness in identifying present circumstance, anticipating future situations and preparing alternative solutions. To be ready with multiple solutions means having flexibility and adaptability.

Make yourselve more powerful by blending your intelligence with courage and precise communication. And do not forget compassion! For compassion keeps you grounded. Its important to keep headstrongness out of the head. And compassion takes care of such tasks.

Unfortunately, Life Skills are not much popularised, like Soft Skills in the Learning and Development Industry. But with growing number of menatal, emotional and psychological issue that reflects on career performances, its becoming evident that along with Soft Skills, parents institition and individuals focus on learning Life Skills that equip them to lead a Balanced life even in adverse situation.
Hope this article helped you in someway.

Let me know your views and never forget to #ShareCourageSpreadLove – You never know whos heart you are healping to cope up with your gentle share.

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Dr Vahini Reddy


To be able to be yourself, is an amazing thing to do.
Especially while growing up, growing up in age, growing up in maturity and growing up in life. The point is not to lose You at any stage. So, how do you balance that? How to be yourself while allowing change to happen while experiencing new zones!?

This is a powerful guide for happy living. Here are some steps that helped me to be myself so far… and I’m going to share with you today.


What does that mean? To be able to stay true to yourself, you need to find your true self in the first place. We tend to get carried away with the outer reflections and superficial living that we seldom connect to our core identity. We must learn to establish a deeper connect with our core self. The outer world makes it challenging to maintain this connect due to many reasons its judgments, comparisons and expectations. If you allow yourself to get consumed with outer worlds play then you tend to develop a false self. Stay clear and be focused. Remember your true self is connected inside of you not outside. One of the easiest ways to stay connected to your true self is stay natural. Like inartificial.


Being balanced is like walking on the straight line, which after few steps tend to step out little bit here and there off the line. You need to be consciously awaken – to constantly keep your honest assessments of yourself, with everyday introspection. The ratio of these introspection is successful based on your qualities, principles and standards of your core self-identity. Check how much you are aware of yourself. And then analyse the position you are in currently – balanced state or unbalanced state.


There is a purity in child’s nature. They just do what they want to without any fear of judgments. They are free thinkers and they never think about what others would think of them. They can absolutely be silly and laugh on themselves. By keeping your inner child alive, you preserve the pure light, freedom, joy and love in every moment. Children don’t waste time living in past nor they worry about future. This quality is essential to live in present, as adult you must strive to restore it whenever you find yourself stepping into past or future. Your inner child will allow you to live with the sense of wonder and curiosity. Stay connected with inner child. Embrace and develop your relation with inner child will also help you heal emotionally. Puts you in stress free mode. Its worth trying!



Heart and Soul emits vibration and inner voice that you sense very strongly at times. When you are inclined to operate with your brain and mind you are bound to process only with your superficial self. Not the inner self. But when You operate from heart you can feel and express that awesomeness. You become magical! And I purely say this based on my own experience. This magic begins when you unstring yourself with all those false notions of what you are according to someone else’s perception of you. You will rather start accepting and loving yourself for what you already are. You will be comfortable in your own self.


Although the maximum part of the world is suffering with reputation fever. Faking and living with a false self image. You can choose to try and be as close as possible to your character. Your character will help you to stay connected with your core self. “Reputation is who people think you are, but integrity is who your really are.” And to be yourself you need to be whom you really are! Destroy your reputation and build your character and your integrity. Reputation tries to please others to get praises by applying mucky ways but character connects you to your true self which is filled with purity and confidence.

To be yourself is the best gift you can give to yourself. Try it! I can say, You will feel must lighter and free.

Hope this article helped you to connect to your true self. Let me know your views on this article. Be yourself and Stay Awesome!

Vahini Reddy