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Children disconnects and misbehave with parents when they feel bad about themselves and about the situation they are in. Learning and implementing positive parenting is the key to connect back with the child.


At Parental Coaching Club we bring parents focus from setting limits effectively to prevent parents from yelling and punishment to positive ways of handling children with corrective teaching methods, nurture and nature theory and many effective ways. Children who grow in yelling and punishment environment will not understand smoothness or polite approach even when they are grown up. In fact, it’s the kids who are punished have a harder time regulating their emotions, and who get into more trouble.
New research suggests the traditional model of nature (genetics) and nurture (environment) as primary factors in childhood development should emphasize the importance of parental guidance.



“It’s been said that parents are the ‘architect’ or the ‘conductor’ of a child’s development. For effective and correct way of Parenting, the parents need to know that the time has come, to understand the impact of parental guidance. As a parent they must be equipped with “Parental skills” to become an idol Parent who guide can consider the nature of the child and nurture the child by providing healthy environment. Remember, Parenting is life long responsibility. You may not be taking care of the child literally once they grow up but your guidance and advices continues when and where they require. As a sensible and responsible parent its important to keep up their trust in you by giving proper guidance.

To talk about neglectful parents, they are consumed with their own needs so much that they ignore or neglect the needs of their children. While on the outside, neglectful parents may look like indulgent parents, there are many differences. But to highlight one, neglectful parents don’t allow freedoms or choices. They are very authoritarian in nature. Children of authoritarian parents may become followers and dependent on others to make decisions. They may also develop a sense of low self-esteem and may become aggressive or defiant.


Now a days…many parents seldom interact with their children. Less communication avoids true expression of emotions and feeling. It becomes more closed when the children grow as adolescences. Parents don’t talk on matters of relationships and the changes occurs from childhood to adolescence or try to find out the issues that might be affecting them. Where these are most important issues that needs to be discussed upon to bring awareness. Lack of knowledge can only create confusions.
At Parental Coaching Club our aim is to bring awareness in parents on sensible parenting skills.
Parental Coaching Club conducted an awareness Programme recently and aims to bring the change in the mindsets of parents.
We thank Ms. Prachi and VR Onenss Foundation for organizing this workshop. We would like to take this opportunity to Thank our Donors who trust our vision and unconditionally support us.


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  1. Prof.Sridhar Reddy.B says:

    Today because of parents negligence in teaching values, family relationships, how to behave with elders, all are missing.In olden days parents and grand parents used to tell moral stories to children which are lacking today.Parenting is very important which is missing as a professor I observed with my students. Vahini I appreciate your team for taking this intiation of parenting

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