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From Then to Now – An Incredible Journey of Experience & Growth!

“Evolve Excellence™ Pvt. Ltd”

Today… it brings a serene joy. A confidence and a satisfaction, that “YES” we could make it so far… and with this confidence we will make it further.

EE Logo


The name “Evolve Excellence™” and the “Logo” simply signifies our understanding of growth, achievement, reaching heights yet being grounded and humble for we always knew there is no end for growth and evolution. We must aspire to grow and also remember to be rooted.


1622874_781280491900246_312512280_n   DSCN5039

The founding steps of Evolve Excellence™ started by our CEO Ms. Vahini Reddy’s personal PC 6 months ago, even before the company got registered – Oh yes! That’s true J

The website was domain was purchased by one of her clients whom she was counseling and if anyone remembers the website content, let me tell you that it was Ms. Vahini Reddy who wrote entire content back then. NO money was invested – This successfully renowned brand of Evolve Excellence™ was started with absolutely “zero” money investment – isn’t it a success story in itself!!?

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The monies she made by freelance training programs was then invested in registrations and other print materials.

We, the team of Evolve Excellence joined after 7 months of inception. We were trained and nurtured by our Founder Ms. Vahini Reddy.

We initially operated in a shared office for another 6 months – one person with multiple roles mostly. Our Founder, in Her roles and also in our roles, monitoring, guiding and motivating us. She says we are best team she ever experienced! Of course then we had our own office. I feel proud we succeeded in spite of hurdles and bad experiences with time, people, decisions and situations – they didn’t stop us growing! This feeling is very strong and is amazing.

tt   2015-04-29 Ms Vahini Reddy & Dr Yunus Sola's visit Eenadu

If we are best team to our Founder, for us Ms. Vahini Reddy is never ending inspiration (Oh Nooo… this is no buttering at all, she is kind, strategic, strict and also courageous, one can only experience being with her)

Our company slogan/ principle – Never Compete or Judge but only Compliment. If you feel like competing or judging do it every day with yourself.

Can’t resist, have to say that She is competing with herself every day and making every one of us feel proud with her achievement, new learning’s, creations and growth not just nationally, also internationally. Happy to have an inspirational leaders who is two steps ahead of us yet keeps herself behind us – Her favorite supporting lines “how can I assist you to make this task successful; I’m here to support, let me know if you need me” J

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We realized it’s been 4 yrs now… and all we could gather is most valuable experiences, much evolution and growth in all aspects. “There is much more to do, we must use our potentials to make lives better” as said by Ms. Reddy in my todays conversation – a kind of interview as her close associate, I tried to abstract how she feels about this journey – I realize She truly is a Visionary Entrepreneur. Ms. Vahini Reddy started this enterprise to support herself and also to do social work. As she didn’t know how to seek donations, She thought of using her skills to support her mission. Her aim is to construct a shelter home for single mums and their children, support youth education and create more entrepreneurs, encourage women enterprises – Yeah sounds huge!! But if she could succeed in making profits year after year, paying taxes, sponsoring student’s education, micro financing start up enterprises… we have absolute confidence on this vision turning into reality. Time & Energy are “The most” valuable things to our Founder Maa’m. With this little interview I could understand how sensibly she is investing both to get best results. We will give our best as team and we are and will be part of this journey too. The journey of VR Oneness Foundation J


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This is the most valuable and experiential journey of my life and I am thankful to be part of it.

Many Many Thanks to all our Well Wishers, Esteemed Clientele, Talented team members, family and friends. I’m grateful and privileged to be able to put this up.


Warmest Regards,

Satish Kandregula

Business Expansion Head – Evolve Excellence™ Pvt. Ltd