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Building Big People…

Commitment is one of the greatest qualities of Leaders, Change Agents, Entrepreneurs or for that matter… in any responsible professions.

But let’s talk about Entrepreneurs and Change Agents for now. So, here is a little story I have, to share with you all.

I guess this was in the year 2014 end or in the beginning of 2015 (not very sure) I was thinking of setting up a little boutique in order to sell authentic Indian traditional clothes. For two reasons… one I love the ancient designs, textures and patterns but sadly they are not nurtured and cultivated now days and two, I also love to wear natural fibers, traditional style.

So, there was this thought to preserve and promote (I didn’t know technically, how!!?) but I kept talking about it to an aunt in the neighborhood.

This became a serious discussion in few days… and aunt said this to a common friend of ours who liked the concept. As it is I was held tight with my tasks in my enterprise, my friend said, I want to establish this as I’m at home doing nothing. It’s been sometime I wanted to do something and this concept sounds perfect. All I need is guidance and mentoring.

Within 3 months… Here she is!! Manju Godse, started her home stores in a small way…


A home maker turned into Entrepreneur. Learning to run enterprise and making her way to become a social entrepreneur by learning about authentic designs from different states, countries, cultures. Particular colors used by certain tribes and how to promote natural fibers and so on…

Manju once shared about the confidence she gained after starting her enterprise. The change in her inner personality, the rise in her self-esteem and the poise to go out and deal with vendors in market. Her study and market analysis is giving her deeper insights on how to run a business.

She even said very confidently about her travelling alone to wholesale markets in various parts in India. And the transformation she feels in herself. Not just this, but also Manju shares about how inspired her children feel about their mother now. Isn’t that beautiful!!

We keep talking about bringing change in mindsets. And I feel stories like these are an example of Change and Betterment!

And as for me, I’m guiding, mentoring Manju on Marketing and Business establishments. And also, bringing awareness on how she can add value to local culture, community, herself, her family and with her growth, add value to national economy.

Manju already noticed that her children see a leader in her now. Especially her daughter! She says… though it’s a different generation who feels they know everything, but when it comes to career her daughter unconsciously picked up interest, pays more attention and is learning new skills of making puppets out of old clothes as cause – “Recycle and Reproduce”


That little mind is thinking of something productive, innovative which is useful and meaningful.

Now, that’s the change I enjoy personally. All this happened and is still undergoing a change process in front of me. It doesn’t matter whose idea it is, whose enterprise it is… and who’s working as frontier and at back-end, when the vision is achieved. Because the intentions are clear… and we as change agents, are committed to build leaders by working with them shoulder to shoulder, building their potentials and capabilities!

Manju is now planning to learn all the aspects of Entrepreneurship technically and academically, while she is busily engaged in her family responsibilities. and she says, learning these skills will empower and enable her to produce greater results. Allows her to focus on what is necessary, at the same time fulfill my hunger – the hunger to inspire!

I’m well aware that learning, developing and building enterprise is a process…

I’m waiting to tell Manju’s start up story as a massive success story one day! Till then we are committed to nurture and build her dream into reality.

Educate –> Empower –> Explore –> Evolve –> Express –> Enhance –> Excel –Echo

Share Courage, Spread Love!

Dr. Vahini Reddy