To be able to be yourself, is an amazing thing to do.
Especially while growing up, growing up in age, growing up in maturity and growing up in life. The point is not to lose You at any stage. So, how do you balance that? How to be yourself while allowing change to happen while experiencing new zones!?

This is a powerful guide for happy living. Here are some steps that helped me to be myself so far… and I’m going to share with you today.


What does that mean? To be able to stay true to yourself, you need to find your true self in the first place. We tend to get carried away with the outer reflections and superficial living that we seldom connect to our core identity. We must learn to establish a deeper connect with our core self. The outer world makes it challenging to maintain this connect due to many reasons its judgments, comparisons and expectations. If you allow yourself to get consumed with outer worlds play then you tend to develop a false self. Stay clear and be focused. Remember your true self is connected inside of you not outside. One of the easiest ways to stay connected to your true self is stay natural. Like inartificial.


Being balanced is like walking on the straight line, which after few steps tend to step out little bit here and there off the line. You need to be consciously awaken – to constantly keep your honest assessments of yourself, with everyday introspection. The ratio of these introspection is successful based on your qualities, principles and standards of your core self-identity. Check how much you are aware of yourself. And then analyse the position you are in currently – balanced state or unbalanced state.


There is a purity in child’s nature. They just do what they want to without any fear of judgments. They are free thinkers and they never think about what others would think of them. They can absolutely be silly and laugh on themselves. By keeping your inner child alive, you preserve the pure light, freedom, joy and love in every moment. Children don’t waste time living in past nor they worry about future. This quality is essential to live in present, as adult you must strive to restore it whenever you find yourself stepping into past or future. Your inner child will allow you to live with the sense of wonder and curiosity. Stay connected with inner child. Embrace and develop your relation with inner child will also help you heal emotionally. Puts you in stress free mode. Its worth trying!



Heart and Soul emits vibration and inner voice that you sense very strongly at times. When you are inclined to operate with your brain and mind you are bound to process only with your superficial self. Not the inner self. But when You operate from heart you can feel and express that awesomeness. You become magical! And I purely say this based on my own experience. This magic begins when you unstring yourself with all those false notions of what you are according to someone else’s perception of you. You will rather start accepting and loving yourself for what you already are. You will be comfortable in your own self.


Although the maximum part of the world is suffering with reputation fever. Faking and living with a false self image. You can choose to try and be as close as possible to your character. Your character will help you to stay connected with your core self. “Reputation is who people think you are, but integrity is who your really are.” And to be yourself you need to be whom you really are! Destroy your reputation and build your character and your integrity. Reputation tries to please others to get praises by applying mucky ways but character connects you to your true self which is filled with purity and confidence.

To be yourself is the best gift you can give to yourself. Try it! I can say, You will feel must lighter and free.

Hope this article helped you to connect to your true self. Let me know your views on this article. Be yourself and Stay Awesome!

Vahini Reddy

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  1. Manisha says:

    Dear Ma’am..thank u for sharing such a wonderful article..every single word would help me to grow in self…its just not a write up its experience and its straight from heart and it touched the soul…Thanks a ton.

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