Clutter is chaos. Takes away your FOCUS from your Priority tasks. And if you have physical clutter, then you likely have mental clutter as well. Such clutter and chaos cost you MORE than you may imagine. Clutter lower your standards, drains your energy, prevents you from being your best, and causes stress.

Time is a valuable resource for any professionals.  Inefficient use of time means wasted money and missed business opportunities. This program will teach working professionals how to effectively and
efficiently make the most of their work time. It is highly participative and encourages the practice of
new skills throughout.

What we can Achieve to learn:

– Recognize the importance of being well organized and planning effectively on the job;
– Organize yourself, your work, and your time efficiently;
– Identify the types of plans you may need to make and the elements of a plan;
– Plan effectively to achieve work goals; and
– Plan special projects successfully.


Pros & Cons of Planning & Organizing!








Organize Today!
Effective organization enhances your sense of control and increases competence, that directly impacts your productivity levels – all of which are prerequisites for greater career success and profitability. Consider all of your daily activities as potential targets for increased organization and simplicity, and start improving your life today with the organizing skills you have learned. You’ll evidently find that the effort you have put is worth the reward.

Dr. Vahini Reddy is a respected authority and one of the best trainers on personal effectiveness. She has mentored many corporate executives, managers, and professionals over the last fifteen years of Her career. Now, through her business, Evolve Excellence HR Services Pvt. Ltd is helping industries and various sectors like IT, Banking & Educational to declutter their space, their work, and their lives. As a result, clients have more balance, a more focused approach to work and play, guilt-free time for themselves, and live their best life every day. Dr. Vahini also speaks to associations and business audiences on “Planning” and “Organizing” to eradicate deep rooted stress from the inside out and make a permanent psychological shift.

To learn more about the Mentor and various modules she take up, contact – OR Write directly to
Dr. Vahini Reddy at vahinir@evolveexcellence. Also visit our company website at

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