What Slices Your Spirit!!

As part of my Mentoring, Counselling and Healng practice, I have been involved in numerous conversations lately, with women and youngsters who encounter complete situations.

Though there are some commonalities in the reasons why most people under went those situations and had such experiences, there is this one strong reason that sharply slices the spirit of people even who are courageous with good communication skills. And that reason is their Intelligence, Or to say it more precisely – Lack of Awareness.

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While Courage helps to face the challenge even in fearful situation, intelligence adds spirit. Spirit to stand alone in complexity and uncertainty. Intelligence allow you to fight logically rathen than getting driven by emotions. It throws light to bring clarity in deeper sense by bringing facts. It helps because then you can make an informed decision that will put your heart and mind to rest – making you more knowledgeable. Gives you scope to have options to choose alternatives, and act decisively instead of being submissive or get paniced. Allows you to communicate with confidence. Teaches you what say “NO” to. Strengthen you to make firm decisions where you can stand for yourself with resolute spirit.

And only one way of acquiring intelligence is continuos learning and application of what you have learnt. Because learning may bring information to your system but application gives to a chance to experience it in true sense, which brings you knowledge, make you more intelligent. This gives you problem solving ability, effectiveness in identifying present circumstance, anticipating future situations and preparing alternative solutions. To be ready with multiple solutions means having flexibility and adaptability.

Make yourselve more powerful by blending your intelligence with courage and precise communication. And do not forget compassion! For compassion keeps you grounded. Its important to keep headstrongness out of the head. And compassion takes care of such tasks.

Unfortunately, Life Skills are not much popularised, like Soft Skills in the Learning and Development Industry. But with growing number of menatal, emotional and psychological issue that reflects on career performances, its becoming evident that along with Soft Skills, parents institition and individuals focus on learning Life Skills that equip them to lead a Balanced life even in adverse situation.
Hope this article helped you in someway.

Let me know your views and never forget to #ShareCourageSpreadLove – You never know whos heart you are healping to cope up with your gentle share.

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Dr Vahini Reddy

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  1. Prof.Sridhar Reddy.B says:

    As Dr.Vahini said Life skills are very important, today ethics and values are missing.In present busy life style everybody feeling more stress. We need to balance our family life with professional life, need to balance emotional feelings and spread love as vahini said.

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